My Startup Goal for 2021

1 minute read

Every indie makers out there like to post their goals in public. Partly for accountability, partly for self-motivation. Fine, I’ll post mine here.

My startup goal for 2021 is $5 ARR.

Yes, you read that right–that’s not a typo. Five bucks a year. That’s my goal. In the age of hustle and conquer culture, who wants to set a low standard? Me.

Other people might set their goal to four or even five digits yearly recurring revenue for their startup. But I’m going to set it to $5. Here’s why.

Optimizing for happiness

I find it true that unreasonable expectations lead to disappointments. Setting a low target would keep the pressure off my back.

Setting an unreasonable target, on the other hand, would dread and haunt me. And when I couldn’t achieve it, I will be disappointed. I will think lowly of myself and worse, won’t trust myself for the next shot.

I don’t want to take that path. I want to be happy and I have a better chance of being happy if I set a single-digit ARR instead of other lofty figures.


Building a startup is hard enough. You have to figure out the right tech stack—reading all those documentations, references, and reviews. All while having a day job and raising a family.

I have to set boundaries here. Otherwise, my physical and mental well-being will be in jeopardy.

Building a startup doesn’t have to make you suffer. We should enjoy the process because we’re here for the long run.

Setting a low target means that I don’t have to live on the edge. I can take a break if I need to, spend quality times with my family, and keep my day job. No, thanks, I don’t want burnout, please.

To sum it up…

I would like to see five internet dollars by the end of this year. That would be the right amount. That number has a good chance of making me happy and enjoy this startup ride.

In case you’re wondering what I’m building for my startup, stay tuned. I will write another post, soon.